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20 Sites to Hide Your Identity and Send Emails Anonymously

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There are a variety of sites that you can use in order to send anonymous emails. While there are plenty of free email services, including Yahoo Mail and Gmail, it’s our privacy and our digital right to send email anonymously, should we choose to do so. The email services that are free are not actually “free” because of all of the advertisements.

While ads are considered a necessary evil, they are tailored to the visitor or user. In order for them to do that, the service providers will take data from you as well as your user group in order to show the advertisements. This means that the ads you are shown are the ones that you are most likely to click through.

Digital privacy

There has been a concern recently regarding digital privacy and the disclosure of the motives of secret agencies. There are quite a few digital privacy advocates who are concerned about this, and if you want to keep your emails away from prying eyes, there are 20 sites that will help you to hide your identity.

Anonymous email is the very essence of maintaining anonymity on the internet. Internet is not secure storage, but you do have a say as to who does and does not access your data.

If you want to maintain full anonymity, it is also imperative that you hide your IP address. There are a variety of services that will help you to do so.

Encrypted email services

Below are the different email services that utilize encryption for ultimate security.

Anonymous Email

This email service creates an anonymous inbox and a significant number of features that are cryptographic and private. You will get 10 MB of storage as well as end-to-end security that utilizes SSL encryption.


Guerrilla Mail Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address

GuerrilaMail offers a self-destructible, disposable, and temporary email address for you to send and receive email anonymously over the internet. What is unique about this is that emails are deleted after one hour.

You only need to choose an email address in order to set up, there is no personal data required from you. Think of it like a disposable phone, but with email.

Secure Email

All of your emails can be encrypted using Secure Mail. It features 4096-bit key, making sure that the email is unreadable by anyone, with the exception of you. No personal information is required to sign up, and it does not need your IP address. There is also a zero-tolerance policy for spam.

The Anonymous Email

the Anonymous Email

As the name implies, you will be able to send anonymous emails, and receive them, though you will need to provide your real email address. No other personal information is required.

Email services without registration

The following email services don’t require any kind of registration. It is important to understand that these do not allow you to receive an email back from the person you are sending to, so it is considered a one-way ticket.


This is one of the simplest one-way email services that you can use. It’s completely anonymous, and you will have a basic form in order to fill out the receiver’s address, subject, and the content. File attachments can also be added.


Anonymous emails are sent using this service and no information is revealed about your identity when you do so.


Rich text formatted messages can be sent and you won’t have to reveal yourself. The only thing you have to provide is a real email address in order to receive credentials.

Cyber Atlantis

This is a simple interface where you enter the email address of the receiver, the subject line, and a message. The IP address is stripped off the email, allowing you to send an email that is not traced easily.

Send Anonymous Email

This email utilizes a plane interface where you enter the sender address as well as the receiver address, a subject line, and a message. The IP addresses are logged, but there are no details required for you to send emails using this service.

Send Email

Send Email

This is another simple solution that will allow you to enter the email address, subject, and message. This is one of the top options and they boast sending more than 100,000 anonymous emails every day, absolutely at no cost.

W3 Anonymous Remailer

You have the ability to send anonymous emails to any person. All you have to do is fill in the email address of the receiver, the subject, and the message, and then hit Send.

Email services where you can receive messages

There may be instances when you need to receive an email back, such as when you need to confirm a link. These services will provide you with this:

Anonymous Email – Hide My Ass!

Hide My Ass! Anonymous email

Hide My Ass! is a simple solution when you want an anonymous email account. You will be able to receive emails, but not send them. There is also the ability to set a “self-destruct” feature.

Hide My Ass! also offers one of the best VPN services. Check our review of their VPN here.


Inboxes can be created quickly, automatically, and it is available for receiving emails only.


The inboxes generated automatically after receiving an email, and there is an automatic confirmation as well.


You will have the ability to open email accounts to receive mail. The account is temporary, and will be deleted after a period of time.


This service will provide you with a permanent email address that will allow you to receive email anonymously. There is no traceable or identifiable information, and only your real email address is needed, and the anonymous emails will be forwarded to your real email address should you decide to check that feature.


This service provides you with a disposable email inbox that is temporary, and features a seven day purge. You have the ability to receive and reply, but never to send an original email.


This is yet another disposable, temporary email inbox service that is auto-emptied.

Do you know some other services not listed here that help to send emails anonymously? Share them in comments below!