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5 Important Chrome Extensions to Find Out and Block Tracking For Sure

Online tracking blocking tools in Google Chrome

It can be terrifying to think about the fact that someone may be monitoring everything that you do on the internet. While there are plenty of people who will spy on your every move on the internet, there are five tools that you can use in order to find out if someone is tracking you and block them from being able to do so in the future.

You don’t have to be watched and your information does not have to be available to the world. Once you learn about all of these tools, you can install them on your own and have some added protection.

Ugly Email

Ugly Email screenshot

There are a wide range of service providers and companies who email you, and there is a chance for them to see whether you have opened the email or not as well as where you were when you open the email. This is because of the small, one-pixel image found within the message.

If you don’t want to be tracked, Chrome add-on called Ugly Email will tell you when the trackers are being used in Gmail. It will track emails from various services like Streak, MailChimp, Bananatag, Postmark, Mandrill, and Yesware.

Currently Ugly Email is available only for Chrome, but Firefox add-on will be released soon.

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PixelBlock screenshot

PixelBlock takes email tracking one step further than Ugly Mail by telling you that there is an email tracker, and also blocking it. This means that, should you open an email that has one of the email trackers embedded inside, the tracker will not work.

You may find that some email marketing companies will send you even more emails once you have opened an email, and this tool will prevent such activity.

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Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger Electronic Frontier Foundation Chrome extension

This unique tool works in Chrome and Firefox. You are being tracked as you browse the web as well as when you open email. Electronic Frontier Foundation created Privacy Badger as a browser extension to provide more privacy.

This plug-in will block third-party sites that want to track you when you browse the web. It will block a majority of online ads, including buttons for social networks.

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Google Analytics Opt-out

Google Analytics Opt out Browser Add-on

There are countless websites that use Google Analytics, a service that will tell the company how many people are looking at their site, what are the articles with the most views, where people live, etc. None of the information is user specific, but it does provide an overview of the site visitors.

Many people are still uncomfortable with this kind of information being released, and this browser extension will provide an opt out so that the information is not collected from you.

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Gmelius Gmail email screenshot

This unique application will allow you to customize your Gmail inbox. You get a wide range of customization options including being able to unsubscribe from newsletters, detect and block email trackers, and determine whether you are going to provide a read receipt or not.

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Don’t use Chrome? Despair not!

The applications mentioned in this article are designed for Google Chrome. This means that if you are using any other browser, you may not get all of these cool tools for tracking detection and blocking.

This doesn’t mean that if you have Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or some other browser then you cannot protect yourself online. There’s plenty of native security extensions for any browser and many of the tools mentioned above could become available for other browsers soon.