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7 Cyber Security Tips for Digital Users and Their Families

Advice for digital families

While there is a lot of security advice out there already, and some of it may even seem trivial, it never hurts to learn more about protecting your digital presence.

Tip #1. Make all your devices secure

Safety measures for phones

Use strong passwords for the most important platforms, such as banking systems and your social profiles. Use password manager to remember all these passwords.

Implement passcodes or fingerprint ID features to lock your smartphones. Remember: the stronger is your password, the less is the chance that your account will be hacked.

Tip #2. Pay attention to what information you share

Sharing information online

When you install an app it usually requires the access to some personal information, such as your contacts list, your location, the purchases that you make online, etc. And all this info has value as it can be passed on to the third-parties. So never give any permissions to an app that you do not trust

Tip #3. Disable WI-Fi and Bluetooth

How to disable Bluetooth

Switch off Wi-Fi in the public locations if you are not using it. Some stores search for devices with Wi-Fi turned on to trace your movements. The same applies to Bluetooth.

Tip #4. Stay alert when using public Wi-Fi

How to disable Wi-Fi

This type of internet connection is not secure by default. Anyone can can potentially track your online activities. So if you still use it from time to time, try to avoid logging in to your key accounts like mailbox and banking services within these networks.

Tip #5. Regularly update your PC and mobile devices

How to update PC

Remember that any device that has internet connection is unsecure. Make sure that all the pieces of security software, web browsing systems, operating system and other apps are up to date. Thus you will provide your device the strongest protection against viruses and cyber attacks.

Tip #6. Delete when finished

How to permanently delete files

If you set up an app for some specific purposes, such as planning a vacation, it is a good practice to delete it from your device when you no longer need it.

Tip #7. Control your online presence

How to control your online presence

This specifically refers to social media or any other online services where you need to put in your personal info to fill your profile. Check your privacy settings and set them up to your comfort level for information sharing.

These tips are by no means the only security advice you should follow. Remember, when browsing online, what matters most is keeping your wits about you and not falling for any lucrative schemes or websites.

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