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Apple Watch Lacks Basic Security with No Activation Lock

Apple Watch no activation lock

Apple products are popular to people who love useful and branded modern devices. Your iPads and iPhones are secured by Activation Lock. It is a popular and efficient security feature that prevents thieves from wiping stolen Apple devices and using them with new accounts. However, Apple’s recent product Apple Watch is not protected by this security feature.

Since Apple Watch is not secured by Activation Lock, there is nothing that can stop thieves from using stolen Apple Watch to wipe and pair with a new iPhone. Apple Watch requires users to provide sequence of numbers that they need to enter every time Apple Watch being removed from user’s wrist, but the passcode will protect only data on the device.

Apple Watch wrong passcode

By means of resetting, bypassing passcode would be easier. Pressing down Apple Watch’s side button will enable you to see power down options and force press on the screen will help you to erase all settings and content of the device. Erasing passcode will enable thieves to pair your device with other devices. After that, they can use Apple Watch without hint on owner’s original information.

Because there’s no Activation Lock and the device is reliant on iPhone, there’s no way to locate stolen or lost Apple Watch. Apple Watch lacks the basic security features, that’s why Apple Watch could become the biggest target for criminals and thieves.

Why do they even use Apple Watch?

Apple Watch gold crown

Compared to other available wearable gadgets, Apple Watch is in demand even if it is expensive (especially its Edition versions). It is compact and it has higher resale value like other Apple products.

In New York and San Francisco, stealing incident of iPhone is a government issue. Other mobile phone manufacturing companies in these cities are also trying their best to implement the so-called “kill switch.” This aims to disable stealing incidents of devices. The need to implement kill switch led towards development and release of Activation Lock.

Activation Lock effects on reducing robbery incidents

lost and erased iPhone

Release of Activation Lock brought positive impact on reducing smartphone stealing incident. Upon release of Activation Lock, iPhone theft incident dropped almost 25 percent in New York, 50% dropped on theft incident in London and 40% in San Francisco. It greatly shows that release of Activation Lock is a great help to discourage thieves from stealing Apple products and other modern devices.

Apple is aware that they need to improve security features of Apple Watch to prevent or discourage thieves from stealing such devices since the security features will disable them from using stolen Apple products.

According to iDownloadBlog, Apple is capable of introducing better and more effective security measures to the future versions of Watch OS. One simple solution, for instance, could check last known Apple ID of a paired device prohibiting a new connection without entering a password or using any other authentication method. Considering the vast quantities of sensors in the Apple Watch, it is very likely that some biometric solution will be properly implemented with additional security measures.