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Avast Antivirus and Antimalware Software Review

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Avast Antivirus software is one of the primary competing applications available on the market for protection of personal computers. The software comes in two different versions: free download and paid package providing the choice of three plans. All Avast Antivirus software versions offer not only protection against viruses but also provide reliable malware detection.

Main features

Avast Antivirus offers many features that are important for consumers in protecting their systems from damaging viruses. It also provides protection against spyware attacks with a protective shield for browsers.

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Avast Antivirus does not stop there, however. It also offers a home network scanning feature. Avast offers membership for the popular internet-based data storage Dropbox. Of course, the offer involves the free standard 2GB account.

Avast Antivirus has developed applications that can be used on many platforms. Your home or business computers can be protected at different levels based upon your personal or professional needs. In addition there is a mobile application that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Avast Free Antivirus

If you are interested in effective basic protection, Avast offers a free version for easy download. The free version will provide what they term “intelligent” antivirus and antispyware protection. What this means is that they seek out true malware and viruses but can also screen, using their vast database, while being astute in not detecting false positives.

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The free version also offers browser cleanup. Add-ons and other terminate and stay resident (TSR) applications that may be piggy-backing off your favorite websites will be detected and eliminated.

If you have a home network, the free version of Avast Antivirus provides added protection. The network protection scans your home network for security threats or potential back-door attacks at your systems.

In addition to the free version of Avast Antivirus, there is a choice of three paid versions.

Avast Internet Security

It is internet protection provided at a premium rate. The protection offers a firewall to keep hackers from infiltrating your computer or home network and protects email from spam attacks.

Avast store

This Avast Antivirus version protects your computer from hijackers, and offers security equal to that which banks use for their networks.

Avast Premier

This version offers what the company calls a ‘military-grade’ data protection, shredding, and security against malware, viruses for internet and home networks.

In addition to the Free and Internet Security versions benefits, the Premier version also provides automatic protection and repair of security holes in your operating system. It also can conduct shredding of any deleted data to ensure that it is not retrievable.

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Free version: Avast Antivirus software is reliable. The updates are frequent and there are minimal events of intrusion. The additional malware protection is an added bonus.

Paid version: Capable of blocking internet exploit attacks, and provides a good firewall to protect internal networks. The protection is reliable in that spam blocking did not block any legitimate email. The deleted data shredder is effective.


Free version: When downloading and installing the free version, the software changes your default internet browser to Bing. The free version also creates pop-up offers to upgrade the software to a premium version or for reviews on how the customers like the software. Some users are bothered when the pop-ups provide recommendations to update software that the client does not need for security.

Paid version: the phishing protection is mediocre. Even after purchasing the software many features are not available and must be purchased separately. Nearly a fourth of spam was passed through into inbox.

Additional benefits

Avast provides effective antivirus protection for browsers, emails and home and business networks. It has some additional benefits you can hardly find anywhere else.

Easy updates

The software updates for the free version are announced through configurable pop-ups, and you can update the virus and malware definitions manually. Many update features can be set to be automatic.

Avast software updater

Avast offers information about other software updates that are available. These updates are usually fixes in the original programming that can eliminate holes in security. The update notifications are not just for Avast products, but also for other software that has been installed on a system.

Network protection

The network protection provides effective identification of security holes and possible trouble within a network including routers and any computer or server that is attached to the network. This protection includes wireless password weaknesses identification and reminders to change your network administrator password from the default.

Avast network security weak password

Personal information protection

Hackers have been using a process called DNS hijacking – rerouting legitimate site addresses to their own phishing or malware sites. Avast Internet Security software protects your system against DNS hijacking. Having this feature on, you can be sure you are protected from losing your sensitive information, such as ID’s and passwords to banking and credit card services.

Customer support

Avast is one of only a very few antivirus services that offer 24/7 telephone based technical support. You can call their helpdesk any time of the day and night and expect to access a human being to help you to get the most out of your download or purchase.

Self help

You can find help on how to configure your software or router to improve your own network or computer security. Many different routers are supported. If you have included this service into your antivirus protection, antivirus will send non-proprietary and non-personal data to Avast to help detect any additional holes that may need to be patched.


In addition to the main software package, Avast provides many supplemental tools that you can download. Many of these are pay-per-use if you use the free version of the software.

Avast smart scan

One very useful tool is SecureLine VPN. Virtual personal networks (VPN) are like backdoors you can use to connect to a reliable server and access web sites that may be blocked by the internet service provider (ISP) who is in use in the area you are in. Some countries have more restrictive access to networks that will not allow for some social networking sites, or media streaming sites like YouTube. SecureLine VPN allows your computer to bypass the ISP restrictions and access those unavailable sites through a compliant network outside of the ISP range.


Both free and paid versions of Avast Antivirus are considered to be well constructed and thought out software for the protection of a system against virus or malware attacks.

Due to the company proactive forward thinking model, not only are computers and software protected from attacks by hackers, but so are actual network hardware devices like servers and routers.

Avast multiplatform options allow a customer protection across their network or internet connected devices including tablets, smartphones, computers and networks.