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AVG Security Suit: Protect What Matters on Any Devices

AVG Internet Security review

AVG is a Dutch software company that specializes in security and protection of individuals’ and companies’ information by providing antivirus, spyware protection, link scanning prior to opening, search engine link evaluation for phishing, malware, and spyware, and administrative tools to manage the programs for individual users or for networks.

First impression

The programs and technology developed by AVG are considered to be among the most efficient and most protective programs available in the world. The company claims that they have over 200 million active users of their for pay software program. AVG has programs tailored to personal computers, laptops, and phones and can even tailor the program to a specific computer or phone.

There is a free version of AVG protection software that can be downloaded from their website and the complete version is available for a reasonable price.

AVG free vs paid antivirus comparison

The download and installation process is very fast and efficient for any version of the AVG protection software that you choose.

Moreover, you get a personal assistant that is a live person to assist you with your download and installation problems. The company asks you what language you speak and do a good job of matching you with a person that is fluent in your native language so you get the download done right the first time.

How AVG security software works

AVG programs work with all major operating systems, except for Windows XP: AVG discontinued all versions of their software that worked with Windows XP when Microsoft stopped supporting this operating system. The company is scrupulous in providing updates to their software that keeps the software running seamlessly when operating system changes are implemented.

Regardless of whether you use the free version of AVG or the paid version, you need to read all the information that comes with the program to tailor the protection to your computer and operating system. It is highly advisable to turn off any program that you are running when you run a virus scan with AVG.

The time that it takes to run a virus scan with AVG depends on how fast your computer is, the size of the space you want to check, and how much memory you have. You can spend as long as 30 minutes waiting for a virus scan report so it is a good idea to turn the scan on and take a break.

Watch this video to see AVG Internet Security 2015 in action finding almost 6000 viruses:


All versions of the AVG antivirus software can be set up to run automatically at a certain time or to run all the time. Running the virus scan all the time slows down even the fastest PCs, laptops, or phones.

System administrators get a host of tools that make using AVG programs easier. The administrative tools do not allow you to avoid the slowdown of a complete system scan caused by AVG antivirus, antimalware, or any other programs. So it is a good idea to run the updates and scans when the fewest possible people are using the system. The updates automatically load the parts needed for each individual PC or gadget when the individual that uses the device turns it on.

Advantages of using AVG internet security software

AVG security suite includes antivirus protection, identity protection, internet security, firewall, spyware protection, and phishing protection. And while you cannot ever think that any program will absolutely protect you from any internet menace, AVG has done one of the best jobs in the world in covering all of the known threats and providing a relatively easy to use set of programs to protect your computer, mobile devices and any sensitive personal information.

AVG Antivirus Free screenshot

AVG’s customer service is very helpful and proactive. You can access customer service from the programs and use email or chat to answer questions or solve problems. It is a rare event that the customer service technicians at AVG cannot solve your problem in one session.

Another great advantage of AVG is warning you about suspicious or potentially damaging websites before you actually enter the website. The presence of spyware, malware, or a known history of virus distribution or phishing is noted by a system of characters that appear beside every link that you get from a search. AVG program work with all search engines.

AVG also offers a program that “tunes up” your Mac or PC. The program finds broken links, aged files, and other entities that can slow your system down or simply take up so much hard drive space you could make use of.

Is it worth to pay for AVG security software? 

AVG has developed a range of computer and phone protection that is tailored to individuals, families, and businesses. The variety of choice is really astounding and sometimes can be confusing for less tech-savvy users.

AVG Antivirus Free screenshot 1

The free version of AVG protection does not have all of the functionality or protection of the paid version. Also, the free version produces popups that entice you to buy the complete version of AVG.

You can buy individual parts of the paid AVG program or purchase the complete suite. As usual, purchasing the complete suite saves you some money. AVG allows you to pay for more than one year of service when you first sign up for the paid version of their program suit. That way, you get a small discount for signing up for a license for more than one year.

While AVG’s suite of programs is a bit expensive, users claim that the safety it provides is worth the cost. Also, AVG is very customer friendly. You receive annual updates about your program licenses expiration so you can plan for the expense and the upgrade without losing any protection.