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How to Avoid Unwanted Calls on Skype

Skype logo and background

The privacy settings on Skype are easy to manage as this most popular VoIP service has many options for users to prevent any unwanted calls or even spam messages. For instance, if your friend sent you a video which may not be suitable for others and you had set the video sharing settings on automatic mode, you may face huge embarrassment in front of others. So, it is better to turn off the feature and enable it only when you need it.

This short tutorial will help you take control of your Skype privacy. With its settings, you will be able to avoid unwanted calls.

  • Open your Start Screen.
  • Click on Skype tile to launch the application.
  • After the app opens, move your mouse cursor to lower right-hand corner of your screen or simply use the shortcut Win+C to access the Charms bar.
  • Select Settings.

Skype Charms bar screenshot

  • Then go to Options.

Skype options screenshot

  • Now you will get Skype Options screen.
  • Next, under the Video, select drop-down menu which is next to Incoming video and screen sharing.

Skype video options screenshot

  • Select Ask as controlling what you receive is the prime purpose of this tutorial.
  • After this, an option Answer incoming calls automatically has to be set to No.

Skype call answer options screenshot

After you follow these steps, you are now ensured that you will not receive unwanted or uninvited Skype calls or messages.