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Beware of Malware

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Malware are programs that can affect your computer and spread to other devices that your computer connects to. They connect to outside programs and computers to allow access and harmful apps to enter your system and preform malicious actions that put your family’s and personal identity at risk. They also cause many minor and major effects onto your computer’s normal operations and functions that are not easily resolved or remedied.

You can attract all kinds of dangers at the result of being infected by malware, including trojans, spyware, scareware, and many other forms of backdoors which outsiders are able to access for personal information and credit/debit card information. They can come from a variety of places without warning or knowledge to the computer user.

How malware creep into your system

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It can be dangerous to visit certain sites as they can be insecure. Mind the sites that request personal information (like your email, phone number, program details of your computer) or access to specific areas of your hard drive and memory buffer. Many sites may be familiar and frequently visited from your PC and laptop browser, but there are things known as mirror sites and backdoor sites that have similar appearances and reflections of the legitimate sites. Being able to identify and notice http/https addresses is a useful skill that should be taught to the everyday user of computers.

Installing and using programs from many companies, via internet download or store bought disc, can lead to malware infection, too. A lot of big companies sponsor smaller programmers and ad sites that in return will offer to increase the company’s appeal by providing ‘free’ demo apps to help the programs of the bigger companies seem more of an investment. These demos might access your information and sometimes even prompt you to provide personal information in return for special deals. However, a majority of them will actually leave your system with traces of spyware and malware.

Mobile phone malware

mobile phone malware

Honestly, a lot of people feel they are only at risk on their computers for these kinds of malware, however our phones are also at risk under the same pretenses. Taking advantage of the younger generations urge to communicate and socialize in new and more effective ways, they will offer free emojis and programs for phone services to increase that desire.

However, by attaching certain apps and malware to these offers, they are able to access more than just our personal information. They can create keyloggers and tracking systems to spy on young adults and teens making them targets for new attacks. They are able to access personal conversations through text, phone, and other apps used for social communication.


Malware is an epidemic on our technological way of living. We are at risk most when we do not stay informed about the threat that they pose and the ways they can access our phones, laptops, desktops and other technology that can provide personal information.

Using proper protection when utilizing web services and downloading programs is highly advised and recommended anytime we access our computers. Staying vigilant with our activity on the internet is the only way to feel fully protected, but it does not guarantee that we are not at risk because there are new, more dangerous and harder to detect malware being created every day.