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Children Compromise Internet Safety Measures for 1 out of 4 Parents

Children's online safety

A study that was recently performed around the globe by Norton Research has revealed that 44% of parents are worried about the internet safety of their children, especially considering that they may be giving too much personal information to strangers.

In fact, 1 out of every 4 of these parents stated that their children were responsible for accidentally downloading malware or falling for online scam.

The vice president of Norton Research Nick Shaw stated that “children are seen by many parents as the family’s weakest link when accessing the internet. Even though the internet is a valuable asset and a great resource center to help in the development of children, parents need to educate their kids about internet safety and establish regulations on internet usage.”

It was reported that 38% of the parents in the United Kingdom claimed that their children had experienced online crime like cyber bullying, downloading malicious online software, and phishing. Furthermore, most of these parents feel that their children are more likely to be bullied online than they would if they were at school.

What can you do to improve your kids’ internet safety

Norton also advised some simple measures that can help make children safer online: use of stronger and more unique passwords for all of their accounts and establishing house rules to regulate online time. We would like to add some of our tips to help with your internet safety measures as well.

First of all, teaching children how to create strong passwords should not be overlooked. Additionally, you could also make use of password managers like LastPass. Parents should also accentuate the dangers of sharing any passwords with others, including close friends.

Parents can work with their children on setting some rules and regulations on their online time as well. To make sure these rules are followed, software like Circle Go could prove useful: it can give you feedback on all sites your child visits and limit internet connections as parents see fit.

Children online safety tips

Another internet safety topic that should not be ignored is online privacy and sharing of personal data on the internet. Parents should discuss the risks of posting and sharing videos and photographs as well as the danger of social media websites. Parents needs to let their children know that this sort of stuff is never going to be completely erased and could follow them for the rest of their lives.

Children have to be taught the importance of thinking before clicking. It doesn’t matter what they may be doing because you never know what threats could find them online. Good antivirus software can only go so far, one’s internet safety also depends on their actions.

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