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Circle Go Will Help You Control Your Child’s Online Time

Circle Go

Circle Go from Circle Media Inc. is a new service that aids parents in managing their children’s devices when they’re away from home.

Subscription based, Circle Go allows parents to restrict screen time, disable apps, and generally stay updated about their kids and how they spend their time online, both inside and outside of their homes.

There are several Circle programs available

The full set of Circle programs includes a few separate software pieces. Let’s go over them in more detail below.

Circle with Disney

A network tool that communicates wirelessly to individual devices and the home’s router to continually sift through and provide content consistent with family settings. The device works from home and helps parents keep up with online activities of their children and set time limits on screen time.

Circle Home App

Operates as a companion to Circle with Disney and allows parents to filter online content, set bedtimes for devices, and disable internet access completely. Parents have the ability to manage user settings and profiles and customize them based on their preferences and the kids’ ages.

MyCircle App

Acts as a content dashboard for each family member, customized to individual interests. MyCircle will be the default homepage, which will contain filtered and select content as well as supply information on the user’s history online.

Circle Go

Expands the Circle program with a subscription service that’s cloud-based and can actively maintain the family settings regardless of where the enrolled devices travel. Circle Go can support as many as 10 devices and can be purchased for $9.95 per month.

Features of the Circle Go app

Circle Go review

There are several key functions that Circle Go can offer you. All of them will contribute to the managing of your child’s time online.

Setting time limits

A daily time limit can be set up for any content category or app. How much time a child spends on each platform can be customized by parents, as well as the total time they want their child to be online.

Filtering the content

Separate filter settings can be created for individual family members by utilizing Circle Go’s age level presets and customizing the options for apps, websites, content categories, and platforms. Parents can decide on a filter that corresponds to each child’s interests and age, have inappropriate content filtered out, and supervise popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Bedtime internet restrictions

Circle Go bedtime

Late night internet surfing can be avoided when parents enable a BedTime mode for family members and their devices with Circle Go. Setting a sleep and awake time for weekends and weekdays prevents night time device use.

Insight into child’s time online

Parents can be updated on how their kids are spending their time online – by website, category, and platform. With Circle Go, you can see the total time a family member spent online and which websites they visited both home and away.

Pause internet access

Wi-Fi and 4G LTE can be disabled by simply pressing a button, allowing parents to pause internet access for a specific device. This feature can also be extended and applied to specific times like school hours.

A tool that can be used with computers, tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles, Circle aids parents in staying informed about their children’s activities online and allows them to set limits on screen time, both home and away.

Will you be installing Circle Go? Tell us in the comments and check out which mobile apps will help ensure your child’s security online and learn about family identity theft.