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Data Breach: Twitch Forced to Reset Users’ Passwords

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Twitch, a popular live-streaming service provider for gamers, has been forced to reset the account passwords of users following a possible data breach.

The announcement was made by the company last Monday as it feared unauthorized access.

The Amazon-owned company also resets the stream keys while disconnecting accounts from Twitter and YouTube. The gamers will now need to set up a new password afresh as and when they log in the next time, the company said in a short blog post.

Twitch, however, did not reveal whose accounts and how many were affected. It was also silent on what data could have been accessed by the hackers. It simply mentioned “user account information” and the company’s representative refused to comment on the issue.

Twitch has also recommended users to change their passwords on any other websites where they were using the same or somewhat similar password. “We will communicate directly with the affected users (of our service) with additional details,” the company added.

Twitch is a platform for game enthusiasts of consoles like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 to stream live the games they play and let others watch them. The company, in an announcement earlier this year, had claimed that the website gets as many as 100 million monthly viewers. The website was sold to Amazon last year at an estimated cost of $1 billion.