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Did You Know? Simple Text Message Can Crash Your iPhone

iPhone in hand

Recently researchers found a bug in the latest iOS version that sends a text message due to which all mobile devices tend to reboot in a loop.

As soon as an iOS user receives a particular message that comprises special characters, the device crashes. This is a genuine threat, as all the devices running iOS and OS X fail to process the string of characters known as glyphs, and hence crash instantly.

The below mentioned combination of characters crashes an iPhone instantly:

String of characters that crashes iPhone

Many iOS users expressed their irritation across social networking websites and said that they are facing several big problems due to the bug. However, users have found a way through this problem and say that by turning preview in Messages off, they are able to get rid of the problem.

So here’s how to do that:

Open up Settings, then go to Notifications and then Messages.

How to fix iPhone text message bug step 1

There you will find Messages Options and you want to turn Show Previews off.

How to fix iPhone text message bug step 2

It is important to note, however, that it does not have to be a text message to crash the iOS device. Even the same message sent through Whatsapp was found to have crashed the device. It is dependent on the mechanism used by an application to parse the Unicode string of special characters. When the same string is pasted into a terminal in Mac, it is found to have crashed the system, as per a popular Twitter user, Hacker Fantastic:

He also elaborated the problem further by stating that the bug is present in the part of operating system which is responsible for the processing of Unicode glyphs.

So the entire string is fed into a memory location in the device. As the string does not get parsed by the notification method, it sends the entire iOS device for a crash.

Although this bug is not perceived as a serious threat, it can often translate to denial-of-service type of threats which can be used to attack the entire system. This can result in serious trouble to people who are relying on their iOS device during major events such as seminars, conferences etc. However, this bug would be addressed by Apple soon enough.