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Dropbox Presents Project Infinite

Dropbox Project Infinite

Based off reactions from Twitter users, the new technology from Dropbox for retrieving cloud-based files from a desktop is an appreciated and essential improvement.

Project Infinite allows Dropbox users to see all the folders and files they have stored on the cloud from their personal devices, with no need to open a browser first.

Nils Riedemann, web developer, tweeted, “Dropbox Infinite is exactly what I’ve been looking for several years now.” He was also impressed with the way Project Infinite eliminates the need to keep local files and frees up desktop space, calling the technology “amazing.”

A cloud storage and file hosting services provider, Dropbox first presented this project at the Dropbox Open convention in London. While the technology is only currently accessible to a small number of sponsor clientele, Dropbox has said the tech is a ground-breaking new method to access all your files.

How Project Infinite works

Dropbox screenshot

Syncing Dropbox folders and files with a customer’s desktop, Project Infinite allows all information stored in the cloud to be seen from local devices, despite the amount of storage available on the devices. Acting as placeholders, folders and files that are visible locally are identified with a green checkmark (for content that is locally synced) or with cloud icons (everything else).

If a desktop file has a cloud icon beside it, it is in the Dropbox storage, meaning it doesn’t use any memory from the local device. However, if you click on the icon, the cloud-stored file will open the same as a file stored locally would, automatically syncing up with Dropbox.

If network access is unavailable, users have the option of saving a copy locally for viewing later. Dropbox has asserted that Project Infinite operates on all devices, regardless if it’s running Mac OS X, or Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Project Infinite is the new focus for Dropbox

Project Infinite

On the Dropbox Business Blog, Genevieve Sheehan, product manager, discusses how the project provides a solution for a key issue that users have encountered. She observes how the explosion of information being produced and shared has surpassed the storage capacity that most devices have available, and notes that most laptops can store a fraction of the data that can be stored in the cloud.

This issue is resolved by Project Infinite since users can use their local devices to see all their files in Dropbox, without the need to open a web browser.

The timeline for when Project Infinite may be available for more consumers was not specified by Sheehan. Then again, she did say the company intends to have additional product announcements soon and users were encouraged to watch for further updates.

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