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Facebook Comes Out with Guides on How to Use the Site More Securely

Facebook security tips

Facebook recently released 11 guides that will help user to keep their accounts more securely. The new guidelines can be found on Facebook Privacy Basics page and they are designed to make users understand how to create a much stronger password, how to tackle suspicious direct messages and what should be done if someone takes control of the user’s social account.

The tips made available in 40 languages and cover issues on how the social networking site responds to requests by governments about user info and also the action Facebook takes in order to protect user information.

“Since last November, millions of people have visited Facebook Privacy Basics, a dedicated resource that gives people a simpler way to find and use our privacy controls,” stated Facebook product manager Melissa Luu-Van. “After seeing how interested people are in material like this, we discovered that they also had questions about our security tools.”

The main issue is getting the website’s users to check out the new guides so they can protect their accounts better. Experts like Patrick Moorhead, who is an analyst at the Moor Insights & Strategy, said that Facebook should make the information visible by prominently displaying the link to their users. The best would be by putting a pointer near the sign in and out section or at least in their news feeds. It would even be better if they display it in the valuable ad space in red or prominent color, Moorhead added.

Many experts have praised Facebook for taking the “really good step” towards users’ privacy and security.

What about you? Have you already secured your social account? Share your tips with us in the comments!