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Get Fast, Secured Online Protection from PureVPN

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If you’re interested in installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your online identity or access geo-blocked content, you’ve probably browsed the web to find the best service. There are tons of options out there, so it might be overwhelming for someone who isn’t well-versed in technical information. One of the top-rated VPN services available today is PureVPN, which is easy to use and will provide the same security any good VPN would. Below, we’ll review the main features and advantages of using PureVPN, as well as any information you might need to make a decision on whether to purchase it.

Why install a VPN?

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First, let’s discuss why you should get VPN software in the first place. The internet is booming with so much content and opportunities these days, and it’s hard to avoid getting lost in them. The problem with this, however, is that there are people who would seek to take advantage of these benefits. It’s difficult to determine exactly how much of your online activity your ISP (Internet Service Provider) stores, as well as how much of it will be handed over to governmental entities if asked.

Apart from your ISP, there are hundreds of thousands of hackers online whose goals are to obtain your personal data to use for various purposes. From marketing to identity theft, the possibilities are endless. VPNs, however, will prevent anyone from obtaining your personally identifiable information.

The other reason why you would use a VPN service is to access blocked online content. You might not be able to access certain websites or media due to a network-wide firewall, or even because the content is geo-blocked to certain regions. When you use a VPN, however, you can bypass these restrictions and access the content you want. The service provides the security and ease that can make your internet experience quite comfortable.

Now that we’ve covered why you should install this service, let’s talk about PureVPN.

Servers, security, and speed

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There are currently 22 server locations with over 300 servers and over 22,000 IP addresses available at PureVPN. This is a lower number compared to its competitors, but PureVPN does offer the unique feature of asking you what your purpose for connecting to the VPN is. The options include web anonymity, downloading, VoIP, media content access, location restriction bypassing, etc. Once you choose your incentive, the software will connect you to the server that best suits your needs automatically. This is a feature we don’t find very often in many other VPN services.

PureVPN utilizes a 128-bit encryption, which is not the highest possible protection, but will still provide excellent protection. The reason for the lower encryption is to provide customers with the highest possible speeds without compromising their online securities. This makes PureVPN extremely fast yet impermeable to outside attacks. 

Website, support, and software setup

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PureVPN has an interactive website that boasts clean and easy navigation. Currently, all text on the site is offered in both English and Turkish, which allows the company to broaden its target audience a bit (however, we noticed that the separate support pages were only offered in English).

Customers can contact PureVPN through its online support form and email 24/7. If needed, the company even discloses its mailing address. However, there is no openly visible phone number people can call.

The software setup might put some users off because of how many steps there are. Most VPN services will have a one-click installation to make the entire process a lot simpler. However, PureVPN does offer a separate installation option for customers living in China, where government restrictions are high and difficult to bypass. Still, the main interface, once you download the software, will have the same various menu options and graphs that most VPNs do. It’s quite easy to handle, even for someone not familiar with this type of service.

Pricing and refunds

PureVPN is offered by the month, 6 months, or a year. If you purchase the service on a monthly basis, you will pay $9.95 (the price has dropped from $11.95 as a promotional offer). Alternatively, you can purchase a 6 month or annual plan for significantly lower at $7.49 or $4.16 per month, respectively. Overall, the monthly cost is fairly standard, but the annual discount seems incredible in comparison to other VPN services.

Unfortunately, customers are only offered a 3-day money-back guarantee. It’s one of the smallest refund windows available on the market, so if you’re thinking of purchasing PureVPN, you should make sure you have the time during these three days to properly make use of the software.

Other features

Digital T-road: split tunneling

The great thing about PureVPN is its flexible usage requirements, including a 5 multi-login feature. You can use the software on a various devices simultaneously to really get your money’s worth. The service also provides unlimited data transfers and server switches for absolute convenience, as well as an internet kill switch for emergencies.

One thing we haven’t seen very often in other VPN services is the split-tunneling feature PureVPN offers. This allows you to separate your online tasks into two categories – those that need secured protection and those that can do without.

So, who should use PureVPN?

People looking for an extremely fast VPN service that offers a variety of unique features should try PureVPN out. At the affordable costs this service offers, you’ll find that you gain a lot more value than it’s worth.

The only downside that might put certain people off of PureVPN is its short refund timetable. At three days, it might be difficult for an incredibly busy individual to try the software out enough to determine whether the service suits his or her needs. However, most people will be able to realize whether PureVPN is worth the money in the first day alone, so this still isn’t much of an issue.

So, if you’re looking for a great VPN that will do its job well and more, check out PureVPN!