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Google’s Latest Feature for Android Phones Trusted Voice Checks User’s Identity


Do you think that Android voice unlock is impossible? Well, looks like you are wrong as Google launches Trusted Voice.

It is the latest line-up offered by Google for smartphone users. It is actually considered as part of Google’s innovation pathway. This voice unlock is designed to recognize and verify user’s identity before allowing full access to the Android phone.

More people are starting to love this voice unlock. With this new feature, you can unlock your Android device by means of simply murmuring “Ok Google.” Google tried several times to provide methods and features for smartphone users to unlock their phones without exerting too much effort entering password, pattern, PIN or swipeable.

Other unlocking methods

Google developed Trusted Voice as part of their smart unlocking methods line-up. It needs only your voice to check your identity and allow you to access your phone.

Currently, Android 5.0 Lollipop contains Trusted Face mode which is supposedly designed to recognize user’s face. Aside from that, Trusted Devices will keep your phone unlocked while it is connected to a reliable Bluetooth device. Trusted Places will unlock your phone while you are at home or office.

How it works?

Trusted Voice is really easy to use. All you have to do is say “Ok Google” command and you can access your phone without PIN or password.

You need to know that there’s an obvious security concern, though. Just have a look at the warning Google displays when you enable Trusted Voice:

Ok Google Trusted Voice screenshot

Frankly, this kind of warning keeps on haunting a lot of users.

You would think it is impossible to have your Android device unlock itself by just giving a voice command and now you have this new fancy feature. But is it worth it?

Pros and cons of Trusted Voice

For sure, you want to secure your phone against possible threats by means of using unlocking method that suits to your preferences. As a user, however, it is essential that you consider pros and cons of this method before you get it.

Keep in mind that Trusted Voice cannot guarantee full protection and security of your device, especially if attacker already recorded your voice.

As of now, Trusted Voice gains mixed feedback because of this. Even if there are users who are interested to use Trusted Voice, there are still some people who agree that this new feature has nothing to do with full phone protection, security and user’s convenience.

Probably, Android users who will patronize this lazy Trusted Voice option of unlocking their device are people who also do not like using PIN or password because of inconvenience and hassle involved in putting it to unlock your phone. Apparently, such users consider Trusted Voice is far better than any other methods of unlocking their device.

So what do you think? Would you prefer to unlock your Android smartphone with just your voice? Or do the security issues involved concern you? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below and share your thoughts on this matter.