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Google Is Just One Step Behind Apple: Family Sharing Is Launched

Google family sharing

Usually parents don’t let their kids run out to the street without telling where they are going. The same rule applies to the online activities. Parents should always be aware of what their children do on the internet.

There is too much content that is not suitable for children. However, there is a solution. There are many apps that work like filters and can help you with parental control. You can let your child  surf across the web safely.

It is not so easy to make your child safe online with Android devices. There are some built-in parental control apps, but these apps need additional tuning.

Apple has a special built-in app that allows parents to check their kid’s device and online activities such as downloads via Apple’s family sharing.

Meet Google’s family sharing

Family sharing online

Google has finally launched its own version of family sharing. It allows families to share content online such as movies, music, books, and apps. Everything you purchase via Google Store will be added to the family library to be available on all Android devices.

Although Google’s family sharing does not have all the different features that Apple does, it already allows parents to view children’s purchases.

You can add up to 6 family members to your Google family group, including yourself, and share your purchases on Google Play with them.

To set it up you need to create a family account and invite your dear ones to join. Family members can share their purchases across their private family group. Children between 13 and 17 y.o. have to get approval from their parents for all the purchases.

Missing features in family sharing

Google's family sharing

Hopefully, Google will continue developing this product and adding more features, such as device management for families, to make it look more like Apple’s prototype.

For example, Apple has the Ask to Buy feature that allows parents to control free and purchased apps and downloads. For now, Google allows to control only the purchased pieces of information.

Google Play also allows parents to set up specific restrictions for free downloads that can be based on content rating. But eventually, for kids between 12 and 17, this feature restricts either too much, or too little. So you have to constantly monitor and give specific permissions manually. If Google lets parents approve any download, be it purchased or free, that would be tremendously helpful.

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