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Hotspot Shield Elite: Great VPN for Everyone

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Hotspot Shield Elite it the paid version of Hotspot Shield. There are no real differences between the two VPNs except that the free version is paid for by ads that you will see as you use the service.

Hotspot Shield Elite utilizes AnchorFree servers that protect your computer in several different ways, including anonymity and hacking.

What does Hotspot Shield Elite do?

Hotspot Shield Elite utilizes remote servers that protect your location. If you are in a country that restricts certain websites, Hotspot Shield Elite enables you to access websites that would not otherwise be accessible through your country’s internet service providers or by government restriction.

When using Hotspot Shield Elite VPN you are assured of encryption of your data as it passes through the AnchorFree server instead of your local internet service provider.

Hotspot Shield Elite provides useful and secure connections when using a public internet site. If you access the internet through an airport or other transportation service center, internet café, customer service outlets, retail outlets or restaurants, you can be assured that your data will be outside of the reach of other devices that are sharing the same internet connections.

Hotspot Shield Elite services

Hotspot Shield Elite protects your computer from malware attacks. A database of over 3.5 million malware types is available through AnchorFree servers, protecting your device from infiltration. You will be notified that your connection is safe from malware.

There are many internet users who are prolific gamers. Hotspot Shield Elite will be there to protect your computer against malware that is prevalent in some of the more popular internet gaming sites.

You can rest assured that you will be notified when your system is protected by Hotspot Shield Elite. Notification that your system is protected is clearly defined by the pop-up that tells you that the VPN is active.

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When you shut down the VPN service, you will be notified at that time that you are no longer protected by the Hotspot Shield Elite VPN.

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In addition to being notified when you are protected or without Hotspot Shield Elite VPN services activated, you will also be notified when you are trying to access a website that is malicious or harmful to your computer or to the AnchorFree servers. They also search for phishing sites and block them from access.

Hotspot Shield Elite searches a database of dangerous websites that is constantly updated to ensure the most accurate information is available.

You will also see notification regarding unknown networks or internet service providers. This service is for your information. If you are aware of the security of the ISP you are utilizing, this service can be turned off.

What do people like about Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield Elite is very user friendly. Installation of the product on any of supported platforms is self-explanatory and one does not have to be an IT professional in order to install it.

Hotspot Shield Elite is a multiplatform application. You will find that it can be installed on Windows systems, versions WinXP up to and including the most current version of Windows. In addition, Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer versions of Apple’s operating system are compatible with Hotspot Shield Elite.

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If you use mobile devices, you will find that Android (version 2.0 or higher) and iOS (version 4.3 or higher) are both compatible with the downloadable application. Another benefit of the mobile version of Hotspot Shield Elite is that it improves download speeds and can help reduce data usage on your device while in cellular mode up to 50%.

The developers have gone as far as dedicating full networks to downloading and browsing in order to improve data upload/download speeds for mobile data use.

Since you are using an external computer network through AnchorFree, you will be protected from virus threats. Even though there is a firewall bypass that helps ensure anonymous access, you will note that security and personal and mobile computing is a high priority for Hotspot Shield Elite developers.

Many countries outside of the United States and Great Britain have restricted access to many websites like Hulu, Netflix, Facebook, and Pandora. Hotspot Shield Elite enables you to access these sites through the AnchorFree servers without restriction.

When you upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite, you will find that you have no intrusive ads muddling your internet access. Your data is protected with encryption same as banking institutions use. There is a high potential for faster connection speeds on top of browsing and upload/download speeds.

How much does it cost?

Cost for Hotspot Shield Elite depends on how you choose to order it. If you choose to purchase an annual contract with the VPN service, you will pay $29.95 for the year. Choosing the 6-month subscription, you will pay $19.99.

Payment options are also available. You can pay through your own secure PayPal account or pay online using your credit card. Either option is easy to coordinate and process.

Room for improvement

Nothing is completely flawless, and Hotspot Shield Elite has some room for improvement. Clients have had some minor concerns regarding the amount of memory required to run the application (20MB), and access in some countries. Some countries have not only restricted access to some entertainment sites as listed above, but also to any VPN that may be utilized to circumvent their restrictions.

Another client concern involves possible inaccessibility to illegal download sites. Torrents are software sites that have been mentioned. As a torrent is an illegal share of data or software, you would be required to access such sites at your own risk. AnchorFree servers and Hotspot Shield Elite will not be held responsible for the actions of their clients.

There are also some consistency issues in connection with older versions of Android and cellular connectivity.

Further Benefits of using Hotspot Shield Elite

Public network access is a comfort of technologically advanced countries around the globe. However, there are many countries who believe that the information accessible on the internet may have a corrupting influence on citizens. Individuals from countries like the United States, Japan, Great Britain who travel to these more restrictive countries will want to still have the same benefits of their home country while visiting abroad.

That is a great benefit of Hotspot Shield Elite. You can use what could be considered a back-door into those sites you are comfortable with using on a daily basis in your own home.

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You have unrestricted social network presence when you use Hotspot Shield Elite VPN. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others are utilized by Hotspot Shield Elite for client comments and concerns. In addition, they offer give-away and contest opportunities if you become a friend, a follower, or connect to Hotspot Shield Elite through one of these social networks.

There is a new option available due to consumer comments that allows for automatic Smart-Mode protection without you being required to activate the Hotspot Shield Elite VPN service. This is convenient for businessmen and travelers who are always on the go.

Select Site mode is a user directed service that enables the client to block or unblock sites that are known safe or are required for sensitive work or play.