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How Can You Find a Suitable Antivirus Solution


In today’s age when everything, from connecting with family and friends to making purchases and conducting business has become online, it has become increasingly important to protect ourselves from online threats. Cyber-attacks that target your sensitive information and financial details have become inevitable and the more we realize the threat exists, the better equipped we will be to protect ourselves against it.

The portability of electronic devices has blurred the line between personal and professional life, with employees bringing in their laptops and mobile phones into work. The privacy of information, in this case, yours and your company’s, becomes a personal responsibility as a vulnerability in your device could give anyone access to your company’s data and trade secrets.

Cybersecurity plan

We think it has been established that having an antivirus program on your computer is the best way to secure its contents. But, with an abundance of antivirus and internet security suits out there, it is a job in itself to decide which program to go for.

Keeping it simple, if you’re not an advanced user, assessing the performance of each antivirus software in detail could be a daunting task, so we will touch on two simple ways in which you can decide which antivirus software is best for you.

When on the internet, there are two ways you can find out which antivirus suits are best, and that is by looking at User Opinions and Expert Reviews.

User opinions

Smartphone antivirusLots and lots of people every day decide that they need an antivirus and are faced with the dilemma of choosing one, so you’re not the only one with this problem. That being said since it’s the age of the internet, the simplest ways you can find out about the best security solutions is by visiting security forums, which will give you access to other users’ opinions and views about a certain antivirus product.

Before we go further, a word of caution. While viewing a user’s reviews or comments on a forum, you should look into the users posting activity to determining they’re a genuine user, and not a dummy account created to advertise or malign a product.

Websites and security forums

Security forums

When looking for reviews and user opinions on security suits and antivirus programs, one of the best places to visit is the security section in well-established IT forums.

Some of the best security forums where you will find reviews, recommendations, and user experiences both favorable and negative, are Windows Secrets, Wilders Security Forums, and CyberPower Forum. A quick search of these names on Google will return their website addresses. In addition to these, a search of ‘security forums’ will reveal a whole host of other popular forums which you can browse.

Another place you will find recommendations for antivirus software and user correspondence are Q&A websites, and dedicated review websites. Below, we have recommended some of the useful websites you can visit.



This is a question and answer website which is a highly convenient means of gathering other people’s opinions or finding a solution to any problems you may be facing. If you want to find out what the best antivirus software are, you can simply ask and wait for the answers to pour in, or you can search their questions catalogue because chances are at one point, someone else would’ve asked the same question and received answers to it.

With thousands of questions streaming in on a daily basis, the website has done a great job of staying organized by categorizing questions based on their nature. This means you’ll be able to find questions that concern you easily and quickly by entering terms like Internet security, Antivirus, or Security suite in the search bar which will direct you to a list of questions on the subject.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers has been live for a very long time, and much like the recommendation above is also a good place for asking or going through other people’s questions on a variety of subjects, including internet security.

Simply phrase your question like, what is the best antivirus program I should use? and wait for replies from the thousands of users that visit the website on a daily basis.



The websites above will have user views on a variety of topics and products in the market. They’re easy to navigate and a search for the term antivirus will return everything they have on the subject. Reading authentic user reviews and professional reviews (something we will touch on very shortly) is the best way to judge the quality of an antivirus software as the content will be based on people’s experiences and not designed by antivirus companies to sell you their product. Chances are that assessing these reviews will make you change your mind a few times and clarify your perceptions of a certain product.

When you’ve narrowed the list of your preferred software down to 2 or three, it’s time for you to find out which websites you can buy them from, and what people have to say about them.

This is where Trustpilot comes in play. It is a website that tells you the trust rating for almost every website online based on user input and reviews. All you need to do is enter the url for the website you’re considering using for the purchase and the results will show you whether it has a good or bad trust rating. A favourable rating will confirm that you’ve made the right choice, while a negative rating will make you reconsider your choice before you make the final purchase.

Expert Reviews

User reviews are great, but they can often be biased. Not everyone evaluates an experience the same way, therefore, websites dedicated to reviewing products and services in a professional capacity are definitely worth a browse. They will thoroughly the pros and cons of any given product leaving with a clear picture of what it has to offer and where it lacks.

We have listed some of the best websites that professionally review internet and computer security products below.

PC Magazine

PC mag

If you are an IT and computer enthusiast, you would already have heard of PC Magazine, because it’s just that big! In addition to being a testing agency for new IT products and services, it’s a comprehensive guide to all things computer. From product reviews to user guides to tutorials, this website is a one-stop shop for anything you might want to know about computers.

There are a number of ways you can use this website to determine the best security solution for you. You can use the website’s menu to visit the ‘Security’ section, which will allow you to filter the results displayed based on your budget, the company providing the security solution, or the kinds of features you are after, like parental controls, email scanning, or firewalls.

All these security suites have delivered reliable protection over the years and have been highly recommended by users and reviewers alike.

Pc mag security

Rubenking has reviewed all five software quite thoroughly and assesses the security solutions based on their malicious URL blocking, malware blocking, phishing detection, privacy protection, and privacy protection capabilities, along with any additional features that they offer.

All the products mentioned above have proven reliable, but you need to select one that suits your needs best and is compatible with your system. The best way of finding out if it is to go for the trial version of your product of choice. Almost all popular antiviruses come with a trial period, and opting for it will allow to test its capabilities and determine if the software runs well with your system without throttling its performance.

An important consideration while testing different antiviruses is to only install and try out one at a time. Since antivirus software are designed to implement certain restrictions, they will conflict with each other, and since they are resource-heavy and use the same system resources, running more than one at a time could lead to your system slowing down and crashing.

When you’re done testing an antivirus, make sure you install it and delete any remaining files so that they don’t conflict with any new program that you install.

Gizmo’s Freeware – Best Free Antivirus Software

Gizmo's freeware

If your security needs are pretty basic and you don’t want to pay for them, this website is worth a look. It has provided satisfactory assessments of free antiviruses for many years and comes highly recommended by its followers. Although paid antiviruses will provide infallible protection and are the best option if you work with confidential or sensitive data, they often come with features a regular user will never need. As we just mentioned, if your needs are pretty basic limited to protecting your computer against malware, a free software will do just as well as a paid one. So we recommend giving the software reviewed on this website a try before you decide to purchase a paid antivirus.

Tom’s Guide

Best antivirus software 2017 – Tom's guide

Another popular website with articles, guides, and reviews on everything computer and internet related, Tom’s Guide has been relied on by many computer enthusiasts over the years. It won’t be difficult to find their article titled ‘Best antivirus software and apps 2015’ using the search bar at the top. The article provides comprehensive information and reviews the best antiviruses of last year to give you a variety of software to consider.



Softpedia has an extensive software database for all your needs. Browsing through there Antivirus section will certainly reveal some popular security software and some lesser known but equally effective antiviruses as well. If you don’t want to spend too much on a security solution, maybe this website is where you’ll be able to pick up an effective alternative.



Similar to Tom’s Guide and PC Magazine, TechAdvisor has a collection of useful articles, tools and guides to help you through any PC troubles. An incredibly useful section of their website is the Test Center which lists, reviews and compares various products and services including laptops, software, VPN services and more. A quick search of the term antivirus in this section will reveal their review and comparison of the 21 best antivirus suites available to the public. You can pick out a few from the list that catch your eye and give them a try, as almost all of them include a trial period to begin with.

With so many different antivirus software out there, each one claiming to be better than the other, it falls on us, the user, to carry out some research, review people’s opinions and assess what the professionals have to say about a product to determine if it is everything it claims to be, or if you need to look somewhere else for your computer security needs.

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