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How to Choose the Right App From the ESRB: 4 Tips

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There are many websites and apps that have declared the minimum age in the terms of service. If an app or a website’s audience is primarily children or a mix of grown ups and kids, then this website has no choice but to follow the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule).

Of course, there is a series of criteria that determine if the website is for children or not, but all in all it is just the question of the audience.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has some other tools and just words of advice that can help parents manage their kids’ apps. So here they are.

#1 Check the rating

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You can find an app’s age rating on the page of the store where you buy it for your child. It is usually placed on the page with an app’s details. Or you can also go to the ESRP website to find this app there.

You can see if an app can share the user’s location or any other personal info with other players or third party apps, or if users can share their own content with each other.

#2 Check the privacy policy

Apps' privacy policy

Apps that collect any information about their users must have an official page with privacy policies that explains what data is collected and for what purposes it will be used.

Check these policies thoroughly before you buy any app to make sure that your personal data will not be shared with any third parties.

Also in many mobile applications now these policies are presented in a much more readable way, so that parents can know for sure how their personal data is used.

#3 Set restrictions within a device

How to set kids' restrictions in the phone

Many smartphones and other devices have the feature that can help parents restrict their children’s access to specific apps and websites.

For example, you can set a restriction that will not let your child download and install apps that have a certain age rating. Check your device’s settings and set up these restrictions the way that will suit you best.

#4 Monitor your child’s activities

How to monitor online activity

No automatic restriction can give you 100% guarantee that your child will be fully protected. Only you as a parent can educate your children and help them make apart what is wrong and what is right.

Find some time during the day to talk to them, to find out how they use their devices, and to give them some guidance if needed.

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