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How to Identify and Avoid Fake Flash Player Updates

Fake flash player update laptop user

It is very common for many individuals to fall victim to fake Flash Player alerts, updates, and news. Many computer users today require a strong Flash Player to view videos, play games, and enjoy web streams.

However, there have been many malicious programmers who have developed numerous instances of scareware and malware that infect computers through a prompt command technique. By using these false Flash Player update prompts, even if you are just trying to close it, you are at risk of being infected with severe viruses and spyware that affect the integrity of your PC’s performance and your personal identity and information.

The good news is, you can prevent such fake updates. It’s actually as easy as recognizing the design of the notification when prompted to update your Flash Player (logos, colors differences, spelling errors, file types not being ZIP but instead being a DMG image).

Fake flash player update popup

However, in recent years there has been an extravagant amount of progress among programmers to increase the image of deception introduced by these false updates. On the more deceiving popup windows that present you with updating prompts, there are steps you can take to legitimize or discredit the update.

How you can avoid fake Flash Player updates

First, never trust the new update notification when it appears while you are browsing the web. Using a keen eye, hopefully you can identify the legitimacy of the update, but if you are not sure, do not update. Before clicking anything on the update, go to the Adobe site and find out about their recent Flash Player updates and check their news feeds.

Adobe Flash player vulnerable

With that being said, it is best to make sure you do not agree to automatic updates. It is always best to use the legitimate website to install and update all your software, Flash Player included.

If you’re not sure the site is legitimate, close the page. Normally, when updates are provided, there is an icon that will appear on your Windows tool bar. If you close the browser and the update icon disappears then the Flash Player update was a false one, meaning that there was an attempt of infecting your system with malware. 

Adobe flash player automatic updates notification

Finally, the best and most effective way to prevent being fooled by false Flash Player updates is to make sure upon install, or in the settings, you set the app up to notify you upon an update being available. This too can potentially be duplicated, so do not use a notice or pop-up window to update your Flash Player. Once again, go to the official website and verify the update is real, then proceed to use the website to safely install all updates necessary to run appropriately.


As you can see, there are several methods to identify and prevent yourself from falling victim to fake Flash Player updates. Following our advice and being observant and safe will ensure the safety of you computer and your family’s personal identity and information. As a measure of precaution, staying updated by researching and reading articles on these false Flash Player updates is recommended for any PC user, frequent or rare.