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How to Manage Your Child’s iPad Security

Young girl using iPad tablet

Children grow fast and many have their own laptops, which are normally placed with a parental control that will prevent inappropriate content from showing up on a child’s machine. The younger generations are becoming just as tech savvy with the use of Apple iPads. This is when you may ask, just how do you manage your child’s use of digital entertainment?

If you happen to be entering that part of the technology world, know this little tip: All kids are crazy about computers. Although, it is vital that this type of enthusiasm is managed right. Without any type of “kids management,” this could turn into an obsession, which may lead to early isolation characteristics that may have unknown consequences. This type of obsession may cause your child to react to separation from their computer, as well as the attempt as their parent to bring them back into the real world, with the uncontrollable hysterics.

First, manage your kids

Kids management can be a very complex psychological concept when you invent or decide to have your own way to communicate with your child. The overall ability to be able to manage tablet entertainment is not acquired by default, but it is integrated into a large education system.

There is a certain thing that many parents do not agree with in the education system and that is the idea that a computer is evil and that a child should never be able to use it. However, this is something that should be accepted. Your child’s world is going to be very different from the one you are in now. Mobile devices are going to be the center of your child’s universe, so it is important that they are taught the essentials of using these particular devices, so that their entry into the world isn’t at risk. One of the major challenges of today’s world is to find that right balance between entertainment and education, and to teach your child the cut-off mechanisms, self-control and the ability to remain immune to computer obsession.

Although, this isn’t about child psychology. This is about using some tricks on your iPad that will help to protect your child from overusing it and will limit the exposure to inappropriate content. These simple tips can also help to protect you from some unexpected and unpleasant expenses.

Turn the internet off

First, you need to eliminate the possibility that your child may accidentally connect to the internet. They may potentially launch a browser and see explicit content while they are playing around online.

In order to fix this issue, just enter the iOS setting called Restrictions, where you can disable Safari.

iPad restrictions settings

iPad restrictions Safari

This will only work with the default browser. If you happen to have another browser such as Mercury installed, then you will have to uninstall it.

When you feel your child has developed an interest in the internet, you can always install a respectable browser that has a content filter. These are available in the App Store.

Take care of your digital money

There isn’t a thing as a free lunch, and the apps for the iPad aren’t any exception. The developers are just humans that are wanting to make a living. The revenue for any freemium child-safe games will most likely include the in-app purchases. If you are using the iOS default settings then your child may become curious and find ways to spend your money.

To fix this, go to Restrictions setting again and disable in-app purchases.

iPad restrictions in-app purchases

Put up the steel door

Should you just restrict everything that is in the Restrictions section at once? Definitely. It is a lot safer to disable everything, including the app installation and uninstallation, FaceTime, Siri access, iTunes, and camera functionality. If you need to use one of these features, simply enable it temporarily.

Focus and limit

There is also another way that you can control your curious child. It is called Guided Access. This feature can be found here: Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.

iPad Guided Access

This useful feature is made to keep a person focused on a certain task, which provides distraction-free experience. It doesn’t only limit the use of a single app at one time, but it will even disable any other apps from launching other apps.

Everything is under your control

The Guided Access has plenty of useful features. You can disable the Home button, volume controls, auto-rotations, touch input, select active screen parts such as the clickable screen areas that are made for app icons, and the virtual keyboard, which may not be child friendly.

The little nanny

This last tool makes it easy to limit the time that your child will spend on the iPad in a very controlled and calm manner that won’t cause a huge temper tantrum with them pleading to keep playing. There are some third-party apps, but thanks to the latest iOS 8, this capability has been added in the Guided Access.

It is like to have a little invisible nanny in your kid’s iPad. She cares about your child and will entertain them with games, play movies, but the catch is that she gets pretty tired and will need to rest each day. The Time Limit feature will allow you to set the tablet time for your child, and the screen will shut off when the time is up. The nanny has gone to bed.

Find yourself a new toy

kid playing with iPad

This is the last tip. Never store your work materials on the tablet that your child uses. You never know when your child may be doing something that they are not supposed to and you would not be happy at all if you saw that your child had tweeted, posted unwanted updates to Facebook or sent out weird emails from you. If you decided to let your child use your iPad, then be prepared to make it kid friendly and look for a new one, once it becomes their favorite toy.