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How to Safely Browse the Internet Using Bing

Man with laptop searching web using bing

The internet brought about many incredible social and economic developments. However, the medium is not risk-free. There is nothing like absolute security in the vast web of virtual world when you start browsing. Despite the many efforts to find reliable security measures by security software companies, cyber-criminals are still able to target innocent victims.

When you browse the internet, your searches are being recorded and if the web browser does not have a solid security settings, your sensitive information could be stolen by scammers. The best one can do is install security and antivirus software besides adjusting the privacy settings of web browsers.

If you are using Microsoft’s Bing search, then you have better options when it comes to security settings. The web search engine can easily help you manage your internet search history and to search for more safely. We will show you how to tweak Bing privacy settings so that you can harden your security.

Bing privacy settings

Most of us over-looked the privacy settings of web search engines, whether it is Google or Bing. Your search and browsing history should be safely stored for a secure browsing experience. If scammers get access to data about your shopping habits and your interests, you could be bombarded with spam messages or emails.

Thankfully, Bing comes with privacy settings that allow users to safely manage their search history.

Managing Bing search history

In Bing, you can easily turn the search history off or on. For this, simply go to Bing homepage, there you will see Preferences wheel at the top right corner. Click that. Then from left panel, you should click on the Search history.

Bing search history

Click Turn Off button that is in the upright corner of the page. You can delete/clear a single search entry from history by clicking X against the entry you want to be deleted. You can also delete all your search history at once with just a single click on Clear All.

In order to be able to turn off the web search history, you should ensure that JavaScript and cookies are both enabled in your web browser.

Bing SafeSearch can filter malicious content

Bing comes with SafeSearch feature. This strict filter setting can block malicious and adult content popping up in your search results.

Bing Settings safesearch

If you want to change the SafeSearch preferences, click Preferences icon which is at the top right corner of the page. Then you will see SafeSearch section right at the top of the page where you can adjust the settings as per your preference and then click on Save.

Here’s our 5 cents on how to be safe and secure when using Bing for web search. Do you have some other tips in mind? Share them in comments below!