Home Security Internet of Things: More Harm than Good?

Internet of Things: More Harm than Good?


The internet, being one of the greatest inventions in history, is incidentally one of the greatest platforms for criminal activities. And there are ways things sometimes can go quite wrong with what we now call the Internet of Things.

Problems with smartphones

Business people holding smartphones

Many people are now saying that the threat of security may one day push us back to preferring the dumb but functional phone. The basic phone is secured and way better as hackers cannot mess up your “smart life” by stealing your financial data or even those sensitive personal photos.

Your printer hacked

printer photo

It becomes easy for someone to remotely control your printer and peek into your documents. Hackers can now inject your printer with a Trojan not just for spying, but install malware which will give them access to your router and other devices that are connected to the internet.

Your car hacked

Car connected to the internet

A car connected to the internet can be hacked easily via its wireless enabled radio. Hackers are able to give commands to the steering wheel or even apply brakes. Let’s say, you made enemy with a computer geek and he took control over your car. What could be his next step?


Doctor working on laptop and tablet

Reports have shown that many researchers have been able to hack into numerous medical devices. Though it is yet to happen in real world, it is only a matter of time medical equipment such as automatic insulin pumps and pacemakers are hacked by criminals. And authorities like the FDA are not so equipped to check on this threat.

Wireless thermostat hacked

wireless thermostat

It has been shown that it is possible for hackers to get into your thermostat and adjust the temperature to 120 degrees. It may sound great to be able to control a thermostat at your home from your office or while you are away from home, but it is possible that someone else with mischievous intention might also think it is great to mess around.

Hijacking airlines

Malaysia Airlines site hacked
Screenshot of Malaysia Airlines site on the morning of January 26, 2015 when it was hacked.

Airlines would have to come up with extra layer of security as satellite equipment is vulnerable to malicious invasions by terrorists. Taking over communications systems for airplanes and ships would be disastrous as they can be redirected away from their destinations or, in worst scenario, crashed in populated areas.

Airport baggage-scanner unsafe

TSA carry on baggage scanner

Today, the TSA carry-on baggage scanner can be easily hacked by criminals for getting weapons past security checkpoints. There are also features for showing fake images on the X-ray screen.

Last year, HP pointed out about 250 vulnerabilities connected with internet of things:

Are you more worried about your security now? If so, there are simple things you must do. At least, always lock down your wireless with an encryption. Most routers come with WPA/2 security and you should activate this feature and set up a strong password. Otherwise you can use antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing and a firewall application.