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Internet Security Threat Called Heartbleed Can Harm Every Web User

Heartbleed internet security threat

Do you think you are well-secured when you search on the web? Well, you better think twice because with today’s fast life innovation, invading someone’s online security is easy for people who specialize on spreading web threat.

Computer experts today discovered a new online threat that can invade web user’s privacy and sensitive data. Web threat comes with software that can encode web user’s credit card numbers, passwords and other information.

The danger of Heartbleed

Heartbleed is the latest online web threat which is derived from the word “heartbeat”. This online threat is actually different from other threat applied to a certain operating system, task or program. Heartbleed can potentially affect all people who search on the web.

Rebecca Wright, Director of DIMACS or Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science and Computer Science professor explained how Heartbleed works and how web users can protect themselves from Heartbleed threats.

According to Wright, Heartbleed is actually a bug in software that usually used for encrypting sensitive data between web browsers and web servers. The bug works by allowing someone or anyone on the internet to gather secret keys that web users use for encrypting traffic, which enable attackers to get access on communication made between users and web server, even communication that was supposed to be private and encrypted.

Wright said that this online web threat can possibly affect anyone who use or visit certain web sites. In fact, the software called Secure Sockets Layer or OpenSSL is affected and it is actually widely used by many people. There are websites used or use newly updated version of OpenSSL that comes with a bug. People who visited web pages and website before discovering and patching bug are actually at risk and there’s a possibility that attackers can get their passwords and other important data. People who use the same password on a non-affected sites and affected sites are also at risk.

Should you abandon online shopping?

For sure, more people are curious if they need to stop banking or shopping online to prevent attack of this web threat. Well, it is your personal preferences. Wright also added that affected sites should fix their problem and they should consider changing software that they use and start using new and efficient server encryption keys.

How to protect yourself from Heartbleed?

It would be a great idea if you change all your passwords, especially the passwords on websites that used or use OpenSSL. One effective way to protect your privacy and internet security from Heartbleed is by means of practicing good password hygiene and password management. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of being affected by this online threat. It is highly recommended that you select longer passwords that combine lower and upper case letters. Changing passwords regularly is also an effective way to prevent attacks of Heartbleed.

However, there are a lot of people who find password management intimidating. If you feel that way then it is important that you use some tool or password vault that will enable you to practice proper password hygiene.

So, if you are one of those people who frequently write down passwords or if you often ask services and sites for password resetting, then it looks like you should consider using one of these password management apps.

It is very easy. You can get these apps through installing it on your computer or using online services. There are products available for free or via paid subscription. Basically, a password management app will require you to type a complex password to be unlocked and then it will fill in your username and password on the website you log into.