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New Details We Didn’t Know About the Apple Watch

new Apple Watch details

At the March 9 “Spring Forward” event, new details were revealed by Apple about its first wearable gadget called the Apple Watch which they first unveiled in September.

They call it the “most advanced timepiece ever created.” The watch face is customizable according to CEO Tim Cook. He says that users can add information such as weather, date, next meeting, and so on. Swiping up on the watch you can enable what is called “glances,” which are widget-like screens. These do things like checking your calendar or your heart rate.

Cook also had some numbers on the battery life of the watch. It’s said the device has a battery life which is rated to last 18 hours. It will be charged by a magnetic connector which attaches to the back of the watch casing.

Apple Watch incoming call

You can also make calls on the Apple Watch. There’s a built-in speaker and microphone so you can make calls without having to take out your smartphone. The “taptic engine” will vibrate on the wrist so you know you have a notification, text, or an incoming call.

The watch will also have fitness capabilities. It will track your movements so you know how long you’ve been exercising or if you’ve been sitting for a long period of time. There are several types of cardio exercises included with the workout app, like elliptical, running, cycling, stair-stepper training, and rower.

Pressing Apple Watch crown

By pressing the watch’s crown, you will activate Siri, so you can talk to your device and execute commands like checking the weather or creating reminders.

On the Apple Watch is Apple Pay. If you double-tap on the side button, this calls up Apple Pay. You get feedback when you’ve completed the transaction. You don’t need to authenticate with your iPhone as this is done on the watch.

One more useful feature: any notification on the iPhone can be sent to the watch. This makes it easier to keep track of things since you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket.

Many popular apps will be able to interact with the watch. Users will need the Apple Watch app which is available in iOS 8.2 so they can download watch apps and be able to manage the device. Watch-specific apps from WeChat, Instagram, Shazam, and Uber were shown by Kevin Lynch from Apple. He also showed how the watch could open hotel room doors with the W Hotel app or how a garage door could be opened with the Alarm.com app.

In September, it was revealed that there going to be three versions of the Apple Watch which include the regular version, the Apple Watch Edition, and the Apple Watch Sport. These different models will be available on April 24 in Australia, China, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, the U.S., and the UK.

Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch Sport features an aluminum casing and the price starts at $349 for the small 38 mm size, while the 42 mm size costs $399. It comes in the colors space grey or silver.

Apple Watch regular

The regular Apple Watch also has a stainless steel casing and it will range from $549 to $1049 for the 38 mm size while the 42 mm size will cost $599 to $1099.

Apple Watch Edition


The Apple Watch Edition has a casing made of 18-karat solid gold and starts at $10,000.

At the September 2014 event, the watch was first revealed along with the iPhone 6. At that time, we knew just a few details about its features, three editions and starting price. It was the biggest announcement of the event, although CEO Tim Cook called it just “one more thing.”

Since a lot of information has come out recently about the device, Apple has begun an aggressive marketing campaign about their watch. Many lifestyle and fashion magazines have featured the Apple Watch, which is unusual for technology but at the same time understandable since the Apple Watch isn’t just yet another piece of wearable technology but a fashion statement too.