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Phishing Text Messages Are Common Nowadays

phishing text messages

Phishing scams are traditionally associated with emails, but the scenario is changing rapidly. It is now moving towards SMS messages and text messages via apps. And it is most intrusive as the messages cannot be ignored. The younger generation of spammers are ditching email and taking to phishing text messages.

Text messaging is deployed by companies to communicate with their clients, especially in banking, e-commerce and insurance sector. And if it is not from them, you are getting texts from your mobile service provider informing you about your bills and bandwidth balance. The text messages are simple as they come in short number with a few lines, and sometimes with short link. As consumers, this is the default format we expect from such messages. So, hackers know exactly how to strike.

There was a time even hackers have to work hard for sending out believable phishing messages to our email inbox. They have to come up with realistic images and convincing texts. We are now so well-trained that most computer users can now identify such fake promises or scam emails. Now, with phishing text messages hackers no longer have to spend at those time and efforts. Since the format and expectation is totally different, people who do not fall for phishing over the email could easily be scammed via text messaging.

It has become so easy for hacker to compose incredible phishing text messages. CNNMoney recently came up with an article on how AT&T text messages are easily being faked without much effort by scammers. Hopefully over time, many more people will think twice before believing every text message they get. At present, many people are still unaware of phishing activities via text messages and this is quite disturbing. You need to be extra careful as it is still an open season for hackers.