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Your Private Instagram Photos at Risk

Teenage girl taking a selfie for Instagram – privacy at risk

If you think that your private photos on Instagram are visible only to your friends, you are wrong. Reports said that the company had recently fixed a privacy bug that was allowing anyone to see photos that are posted by ex-public accounts.

To be more specific this particular bug allowed a photo which is posted to Instagram on a public account – default setting – to remain accessible to public, even after user changed his or her account to private. The standard rule is that even if someone copies the URL of a photo after a user changed his or her account to private, that link should be displaying the “Page Not Found” message.

Users can also share their images via Twitter and to Facebook through the Instagram app. This means that a particular public Instagram post would remain visible to anyone even if user had changed his or her account to private.

Responding to the issue, Instagram said that a particular image can still be shared publicly even after opting for a private setting. If you decide to share a specific photo publicly, then that link will remain public, yet your account will be still private, Instagram said in a release.

It also added that any URLs that are not shared on other services like Twitter and Facebook are viewable only to user followers on Instagram.

The company also said that the bug affected only Instagram.com website and both Android and iOS versions of the app had no problem as such.