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10 Reasons to Ditch Google and Search With DuckDuckGo Instead

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Search engines are generally used to seek information by entering the desired topic as a query. Majority of users from all over the world stick to Google as their preferred search engine. According to statistics, Google handles nearly 3 billion searches daily.

Due to Google’s widespread popularity, many do not even consider other search engines. However, one might want to pay attention to DuckDuckGo (DDG), with all its excellent functions. Read on to learn about the 10 reasons that could make you switch.

1. No tracking

 duckduckgo search engine privacy

When using Google, all your searches are saved and analyzed, so that the search engine can show you customized results next time. Although this has its advantages, privacy is not one of them.

With all of your queries in one place, it doesn’t take much to piece together confidential and sensitive information. You can avoid this by opting out of the tracking program that search engines offer. DuckDuckGo does not collect any user data, and that is what makes it stand apart.

In DuckDuckGo, if you wish to change your privacy settings, you may do so by navigating to Options, choosing Advanced Settings, and then Privacy. You also have the option of marking the websites you trust to track you and opting for a session in either HTTP or HTTPS.

2. Cloud server saves all of your settings

duckduckgo search engine amazon cloud services

When browsing with DuckDuckGo, the settings are automatically saved with Amazon S3 Cloud Storage and protected by a password authentication. This cloud storage feature can be switched on and off in the Advanced Settings. This is also where you can retrieve your old preferences when signing from a new device. Simply press Load Settings, enter your password, and choose Load to import.

3. Regional searches

duckduckgo search engine regions

You can set the preferences to tailor results to any specific region. If you wish to do this, you need to navigate to Advanced Settings, then General, and choose Region. You will be presented with the list to select the region of your choice from.

4. More information, less clicks

duckduckgo search engine instant answers

No matter you query, there is a good chance that Instant Answers will get just the right thing before you even know it. From sorbet recipes to rock bands, everything you wanted to know will be displayed right there, without any need to leave the search engine.

5. Category-based search results

When using DuckDuckGo to search for a certain word or term, the engine will show you top results from different categories. By selecting a particular one, you can narrow you search even further.

6. All on a single page

duckduckgo search engine results

When you search using other engines, the results would be displayed across several pages. But wouldn’t it be convenient if you could access all the results from a single page? Besides, that eliminates “the further the page, the more useless the results” prejudice. With DDG, all results are displayed on the first page, appearing automatically when you scroll down.

7. No ads

By default, DuckDuckGo would include relevant ads among the search results. However, you can turn those off by navigating to Advanced Settings, then General, and finding the relevant option in Advertisements.

8. !bang

duckduckgo search engine bang

This is probably the best feature about DDG. By starting your query with an “!” and following it with a name of a website, store, or other resource, you will be narrowing your search results to that particular place. As of now, not all websites are supported – you can check the related list on DDG’s website to learn more.

9. Keyboard shortcuts

DuckDuckGo will further enhance you experience with all its different shortcuts. For example, press J to scroll down and K to scroll up. You can enable and disable the shortcuts as well as view their complete list on DDG’s website.

10. Customization

duckduckgo search engine customization

DDG offers several themes you can choose from by navigating to Settings and Appearance. Other visual settings can also be modified to your liking.

After taking such a good long look at this unassuming little search engine, we found it to be a very competent rival to Google. What do you think? Are you already considering the switch or will you stay true to Google? Tell us in the comments below!