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Spammers After Apple Users Financial Data

spammers after apple user data

Many English-speaking netizens are receiving emails that claim to be directly from Apple to divulge their information about their financial data, according to anti-virus company Bitdefender.

The unsuspecting users are asked by the spammers to review their billing data in a well-drafted message. Check out one of the emails given below that was received by Apple users.

Fake email from Apple

And, after unsuspecting users click on the “Reset now” button/link, a login screen pops up asking them to fill in their Apple ID and password. After that, users are told to enter all their account information, including their credit card number, the highly sensitive security CVV and its expiration date.

Fake phishing Apple website form

And when the users fill up the form, there is a message that reassures them that their accounts have been secured by using a two-factor authentication.

Fake phishing Apple website 2-step verification

Bitdefender has issued notice to its users to check out their emails for any such spam messages in order to avoid such scams which try to steal their financial data. As you can see from this sample, the URL/link of address of the website clearly is not linked to Apple. Besides, the sender’s email is also suspicions.