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Things You Should Know About iCloud to Use It Effectively

iCloud data sync

Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud, incorporates online backup and synchronizing for Apple Devices. The varied Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and Macs come with built-in iCloud storage. Interestingly enough however, it is possible to access iCloud from Windows.

Unlike other cloud storage services, which allow you to upload any kind of file, iCloud storage comes with separation of files into varied compartments. For instance, the Apple cloud storage service will keep your documents forever but erase your stored photos at some point.

The essence of iCloud syncing and backup


After acquiring a new Apple device, one is required to set up an Apple account. By default, every user is given 5 gigabytes of iCloud storage upon successful account creation. With this space, you can store any of the following:


The Notes App that comes with Apple devices enables you to take down notes store them in the cloud. This makes it possible for you to access the notes on the iCloud website at any time.


All the calendar events created in one of your devices will be synced and accessible on other devices.


All the set reminders and to-do lists created on your devices can be accessed from the main iCloud website. As such, you wouldn’t miss something important just because you don’t have the device with which you created the reminders.


All your browsing data including the bookmarks and the open tabs are easily synched between your devices. This ensures continuity and eases the accessibility process. Safari bookmarks can also be synched with other browsers like Firefox and Explorer on Windows PC using the iCloud control panel.

iCloud mobile


This serves as a syncing password manager for Safari and Macs. It is worth noting that the application does not work with other third-party applications.


You can easily access your contacts and address books via the cloud. iCloud stores all your contact information, and ensures you can easily access it on another device.


The photo stream feature that comes with iCloud enables syncing of your photos between your devices. However, the storage is temporary, so you might need to look for other alternative storage forms when it comes to keeping your photos.


All the documents created using the iWork apps are stored in iCloud and are accessible on iCloud.com. This makes it possible for you to access them on iWork apps or other iOS devices, Macs and the iCloud website. Data from other apps can also be stored on iCloud.

iCloud setup


You don’t need consistent backups via iTunes. The iOS devices easily back up necessary information on iCloud over Wi-Fi.

Find my iPhone/iPad/Mac

These services are not necessarily for storage but are designed to help you locate your device in case you lose it. From the iCloud.com, you will be able to track your device.

Accessing iCloud

During the initial set up of your Mac, you are required to sign in using an iCloud account. The Apple menu contained therein enables you to choose which kind of data you might like to synchronise.

It is possible to access iCloud-synced data on your Windows operating systems. This is achievable in two different ways: through the iCloud Control Panel application on your desktop or directly from iCloud.com.

It is worth noting that not all features can be accessed from the iCloud website and desktop concurrently. Some features like photo streaming are restricted to devices while others, like editing of iWork data, can only be done at iCloud.com website.

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