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Top 5 Best Anti-Malware Apps of 2015

Computer desk attacked by malware

In the technological advances of software and programs that are available, there are just as many malware and other threats being advanced and developed. There is no guarantee out there to keep us protected from everything that is surfing around on the internet looking for a hole in our system to enter and infect it, but we can make sure that we take the proper precautions so that we will not befall victim by known malware.

In this article, we will discuss five top anti-malware protection suites.

#5. Avast Premier

Avast Free Antivirus 2015

Starting with what we found to be the fifth best on the list is Avast. Bringing in several protections with the services they offer, they provide the ability to safely browse websites and run programs, as well as games, in a virtual world aside from your PC.

Though in the past they have had a questionable malware detection and deletion rate, they have recently become as effective as the top competitors in anti-malware protection.

#4. Norton Security

NORTON Antivirus Software and Spyware Removal 2015

Next down the line is Norton Security. Though there was some speculation of the security of Norton suite in the past, in recent years they have rose to the occasion as reliable and effective.

Offering a fast detection rate and successful removal of suspicious software and malware, they have given thousands of people security while they perform their normal functions on their PCs.

#3. F-Secure

F Secure 2015

Up next is F-Secure. With the detection rate of almost 100%, they have one of the best malware detection programs available on market to date.

However, even with its high detection rating, F-Secure does not offer nearly all the features its competitors offer. In our opinion, they aren’t using their full potential to offer the best services and products to their consumers who prefer their malware protection.

#2. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Lab 2015

Kaspersky Lab has one of the highest ratings of malware detection, and their removal of malware is superior to almost all other programs in the market. They also offer some other services that are difficult to come across, such as exploit prevention and battery drain control for your laptops. Though a virtual browser from this particular service is not available, Kaspersky does provide a virtual keyboard to prevent keylogging programs.

#1. Bitdefender Antivirus Software

Bitdefender Antivirus Software 2015

Leading the pack with the best ratings on average, Bitdefender. They offer some of the highest reviewed detection and removal of malware available in the market. However, for their most solid firewalls, they encourage you to upgrade to their premium membership. Being reasonable in price, it is worth the investment for protection to an excelling degree.

To sum up

You can never doubt your computer’s vulnerability, so it is best to do independent research and investigations of reviews and ratings for all available antivirus and anti-malware protection suites.

By looking into what is best for your system and browsing safety, only you can decide what your optimal protection and protection prices are. There are several free protections out there that provide the minimal security possible, giving a false sense of safety. Many are decent and adequate, they just fail to fully provide what is necessary to protect your identity and safety from malware and threats being passed around the internet today.