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Working Remotely Could Be Dangerous to Companies

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Working remotely is quickly becoming a popular practice in different organizations. IT managers are also adopting the remote work environment, even making corporate information more secure in the process. The key challenge is managing the data security on the go while maintaining productivity and flexibility in various locations.

Imation and Vanson Bourne provided research that indicated that the majority of organizations surveyed offered the option of remote or mobile positions, finding it both advantageous and dangerous at the same time.

Should you be working remotely?

Working remotely

Three out of five organizations believe that mobile workers show an increase in motivation and productivity because they can work from various locations. Organizations’ internal resources are traditionally accessed on location, but mobile workers allow for a more flexible practice. The more common approaches to remote workers are: BYOD (bring your own device), Home Worker, and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures).

This leads to organizations needing a stricter security system in regards to integrity, confidentiality, and data authentication. Flexibility is not an option an organization can afford to provide without ensuring required protection over corporate assets.

The survey suggests that organizations fail to maintain records of what information workers take home with them and the potential of using unsecured methods like printing information or sending emails. When you consider that four out of ten responded that organizations don’t have a policy for remote workers regarding IT security, that is a large risk. Additionally, there is only a small amount of organizations that actually enforce or have the plans to enforce their IT security policy.

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An organization must have security as their top priority when allowing employees to work remotely in order to avoid data breaches and prevent reputation and financial implications that can occur.

It is important to find a balance between providing remote work and maintaining security. Organizations should prioritize protecting the employees and the corporate data while ensuring policies are being followed.

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