Home Security Your Employees Could Be a Hidden Security Threat

Your Employees Could Be a Hidden Security Threat

Worried office worker employee threat

Almost all companies today are trying their best to prevent online threats from taking control over their systems. However, few of them are addressing internal threats. Here we are talking about employees and not malware.

Employees are paid to work for the company and they are expected to be show high level of professionalism and trust. When employees get access to sensitive data, it is expected that they are able to deal with such data in proper manner. In most cases, employees develop a trust and work as per rules because they know hard work will help them advance their careers graph.

There is a good reason for which the BYOD policy should become a hot issue in the IT department of every business setup. Permitting staff to use their own personal devices at work can result in incredible damage. There is also less discussion on threat for firms to take into consideration.

You can imagine what would happen if one employee suddenly becomes disgruntled. It is possible that some trustworthy employees can also suddenly become a security threat to the company. It is no rocket science to understand that an employee who has higher access to client’s data could steal such data, or leak confidential info, or may infect the internal systems with some kind of malware.

It is simpler to monitor, detect and act on external threats rather than internal ones. Keeping this issue in mind, businesses should start paying attention to what’s going on internally. It is also crucial that companies should not view employees as “criminals.” Businesses should keep a watch on signs of their employees who could be tempted to cause some problems.